Secure Attachment: Tips for Creating a Secure Attachment

By October 28, 2015Parkland Players

In this final post we will briefly go through some tips for secure attachment.

Nonverbal cues are a key part of emotional communication related to secure attachment. Some important nonverbal cues and how to use them include:
• Eye contact: look directly at your child affectionately so they pick up on the positive emotions
• Facial expression: keep your facial expression calm, and attentive as best you can
• Tone of voice: even though your child may not understand words yet, they can distinguish between the emotional communications conveyed by tone, keep your tone tender, and calm and make sure your tone matches what you are saying
• Touch: use touch to reassure your child and convey support and love
• Body language: keep your body language open
• Pacing, timing, intensity: try to maintain a child pace to your care, keep it calm and moment by moment

For further resources on understanding and creating a secure attachment watch the video at:…/creating-secure-infant-attachmen…



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