Secure Attachment: Obstacles in Creating Secure Attachment

By October 27, 2015Parkland Players

This weeks post on secure attachment is about the obstacles that may come up when trying to create a secure attachment bond.

These obstacles may first appear when your child is an infant. Things that can affect the bond at this age are very strong related to the nervous system and may include
• Difficulty in the womb or the birth process
• Adopted babies who spend time in hospital neonatal units
• Infants who never seem to stop crying
A child can overcome any of the above difficulties when primary caregivers are still focused on their emotional needs

Obstacles may also appear in older children. The environment plays a big role here, and things that can affect the bond can include
• A child only gets attention from acting out
• Child’s need are not consistently met
• A child is hospitalized, separated from their parents or moved from one caregiver to another
• A child is mistreated or abused

A caregiver’s wellbeing can also influence the secure attachment bond
• Caregivers who are stressed, depressed, traumatized or overly busy and unavailable can have a harder time developing a secure attachment for their children

In our next and final post on secure attachment we will talk about some tips for creating a secure attachment bond.



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