Reggio Emilia Learning: Provocation Tables

By September 29, 2015Parkland Players

Provocation tables may sound like a complex concept but the goal is actually quite simple: to provoke questions, discussions, curiosity and individually driven interests and learning. Provocation tables are simply a collection of items (often related to a theme that a teacher wants to expand on or that appears to be something students are interested in lately) that get children thinking about what the items are, represent, and can be used for. Provocation tables are meant to be open-ended so children are afforded the opportunity to come to their own conclusions and direct their own questions and understanding of what is in front of them. This activity is Reggio in nature because it is open-ended and the learning is driven by the children’s individual interests.

Here are a number of examples of provocation tables to enhance understanding of this activity and its benefits.


Source: What is Provocation Tables.


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