Reading Aloud with Children and Why It is Important

Most parents are familiar with the activity of reading aloud with their children. It is a great way to spend time and bond with your child, and you know reading is good for their development. This post is about what exactly reading aloud with children can contribute to your child’s positive growth based on an article from (see link at bottom).

Basically there are three areas in which reading aloud with children can be beneficial. We will discuss each in turn.

  1. Reading Aloud Helps Children Acquire Early Language Skills: we all know that reading in general is an important skill throughout life. Reading aloud with children from a young age sets them up to be more successful readers in the future and to occur the language skills necessary for this task. Furthermore reading aloud can stimulate cognitive skills associated with motivation, curiosity and more. Lastly, reading aloud with children can expand their vocabulary at a quicker pace.
  2. Reading Aloud Helps Children Develop Positive Associations with Books and Reading: basically, reading aloud encourages a positive relationship to books and literature, setting them up to be more likely to enjoy reading later in life
  3. Reading Aloud Helps Children Build a Stronger Foundation for School Success: once children enter school, if they have difficulties with reading this can contribute to a lack of success in the classroom. This lack of success can have a significant impact on their confidence in an academic setting. Reading aloud with children exposes them to many of the skills they must know for their school years, not just linguistically but instructionally in terms of listening and being attentive when someone else is speaking.

In conclusion, reading books to your children is not only a fun way to strengthen your parent-child bond, it is also beneficial for your child’s development for years to come.

For more information on reading aloud with your child visit (source):



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