Promoting Positive and Happy Thinking Habits

By November 21, 2016Parkland Players

For most parents, raising a child that is happy and well adjusted is of the utmost importance. Here are some tips for encouraging development of positive thinking habits in your children.

  1. Introduce your child to great music, literature, and art to help them develop interests and learn about the world around them.
  2. Provide lots of physical contact. Hugging and cuddling your little ones is important for showing them they are loved and safe.
  3. Speak to your child as if they are an adult to make them feel respected.
  4. Encourage your child to communicate with other children their age in order to develop key social skills.
  5. Be careful with praise and punishment. Too much praise may cause your child to think they can do no wrong, and too much punishment can make them think all they do is wrong.
  6. Let your child develop their own view of the world; don’t impose your own opinions unless teaching key values and morals.
  7. Encourage and support your child in following their individual interests and skills, no matter what they are.
  8. Give your child’s imagination value. The fantasies and stories they develop are expressions of creativity and should be regarded as such, not discouraged.
  9. Focus on developing sensory-motor skills whenever possible. These are especially important in early childhood.
  10. Put less emphasis on the results of an activity and more on the process. It is the doing of something that matters in development, not necessarily how it turns out. This is an important value for your children to understand as well. Most experiences mean something regardless of the outcome and it is important to enjoy the process in order to live in the moment.




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