Preventing Picky Eating

By August 31, 2015Parkland Players

More on the theme of healthy eating for children, toddlers can be quite picky when it comes to food. This may seem fine at their young age but as they get older if they don’t kick some of their picky eating habits it may be hard to feed them nutritious foods that they like.

Here are a few tips for promoting healthy, non-picky eating in your child:

  • Provide your children with plenty of opportunities to interact with new food by smelling, touching and tasting
  • Provide food with a variety of textures early on so that children adjust to and accept textures and learn how to move foods of different kinds around in their mouths
  • Don’t rush your child’s eating habits, let them eat at their own pace
  • Pair new or different foods with ones that your child already enjoys
  • Let your child “help cook”, get them involved in preparing meals so that they are excited about the food and are more likely to eat it

Fun Fact: Toddler can sometimes require seeing a new food 12-30 times before they accept it! So don’t give up on exposing them to something new that can be beneficial for them!




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