Preschool: Learning How to Learn

By August 11, 2015Parkland Players

At Parkland Players Preschool is an important program focused on preparing children for the many years of school life they have ahead of them.

Preschool is beneficial as it exposes children to numbers, letters and shapes, which can give them a leg up in kindergarten, but more importantly, preschool plays an important role in socialization. Preschool teaches children key skills for interacting with others, listening to instructions from teachers, and contributing positively to a group atmosphere. These skills are central for children being ready and willing to learn once they enter Kindergarten.

The main goal of preschool is to encourage children’s natural sense of curiosity and focus it so that it is a tool they can use in their educational life. In preschool children build their sense of self and confidence in social settings, they learn to explore their environments, to play with their peers and make friends, and practice independence. Children also learn their ABCs, shapes and colours and other pre-reading and pre-math skills.

All these things positively contribute to a child’s transition to Kindergarten. They aid children in adjusting and make the change a much smoother process. Children who have attended preschool are often shown to adapt to Kindergarten life much quicker than children who have not attended preschool.


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