This is an awesome art activity, especially because it is so simple. The featured photo on the bottom is one of the children’s own art from this activity at our centre. Give it a try at home!


  • Coloured paint
  • Large sheets of paper (poster size)
  • Cardboard tubes (toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls)


  1. Cut little strips into the cardboard tubes (as pictured). Make different tubes with different length strips. Let your children help with this! Scissor use is great for fine motor development.
  2. Bend out the strips so the tube kind of looks like an octopus.
  3. Pour some paint of different colours onto paper plates, spread the paint around so it covers a lot of the plate
  4. Dip the spread cardboard tubes into the paint and then press them against the large paper. Get creative with the different sizes and colours!
  5. And there you go, you have fireworks art!



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