Packing Healthier Lunches

By August 19, 2015Parkland Players

Nutritious lunches are very important for children’s focus and energy throughout the day. Children with healthier lunches are engaged better in school activities and get more out of their learning opportunities.

Here are some tips for packing a healthier lunch that your child will eat:

  • Think about what your child likes to eat at home and try to replicate it in their lunchbox, even put in last night’s leftovers if it was a hit at home
  • Veggies are fantastic! Cut up carrot sticks or put in cherry tomatoes, veggies that are easy to snack on and can replace things like chips.
  • Cut up fruits! Children are more likely to eat a sliced apple than a whole one and many fruits travel just fine cut up
  • Dairy can be difficult to send in warmer weather, include an ice pack to keep dairy (like yogurt) cold
  • If your child is a picky sandwich eater, try packing the fixings separately so children can assemble their sandwich to their liking and so vegetables (like tomatoes) don’t make the sandwich soggy by the time lunch rolls around
  • STICK TO WATER! This tip is key! Juices can be very high in sugar and should not be used in replacement of actual fruits and vegetables! Water is always the best way to go

For more tips on healthier lunches visit (source): This is a great site for recipes and further educating yourself on nutritious choices.


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