Origami Crafts for Kids

These crafts are great for fine motor skills as they require precise folding of paper. We like the following items, see link at bottom for instructions on how to make each.

  1. Origami Boat
  2. Origami Dog (this one is fairly simple!)
  3. Origami Hat
  4. Origami Santa Claus (great for the holidays!)
  5. Origami Fortune Teller
  6. Origami Fan
  7. Origami Airplane
  8. Origami Yacht
  9. Origami Bear Face
  10. Origami Pin Wheel (this ones are fun to put in the garden in the summer!)
  11. Origami Bird (probably the hardest, this is best for older children)
  12. Origami Shirt
  13. Origami House
  14. Origami Star
  15. Origami Whale

Source: http://www.momjunction.com/articles/paper-folding-or-origami-art-and-craft-for-kids_00360161/


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