More on Sensory Activities and Learning

By September 22, 2015Parkland Players

In our last post we discussed the role of sensory activity in different aspects of learning. In this post, we will look deeper into the five different types of sensory play (that correspond to the five senses) and how to engage in simple activities for each of these senses at home.


  • Play games that require the use of muscles for fine motor and gross motor development (games like leap frog, hopscotch, catch with a ball, home bowling, etc.)
  • Include your child in chores that involve specific muscle controls (like sweeping, wiping counters, etc.)
  • Use stimulating textures and objects in your house (this one can be done in a number of ways and is open to interpretation)


  • Change up lighting in different setting
  • Explore with colours (use food colouring, tie-dye clothes, etc.)
  • Play I Spy


  • Play or listen to musical instruments (change up the type of instrument and the volume)


  • The kitchen is a great place for this one: cook with different strong-smelling scents
  • Read scratch and sniff books
  • Go on walks outdoors and pay special attention to the different smells you encounter


  • Play with opposites: frozen vs hot foods, salty vs sweet, crunchy vs soft
  • Try foods that require different motions and activities with your teeth (liquids vs solids)
  • Cooking with your children is also a great way to play with their sense of taste




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