Mixed Age Groups in an Early Childhood Care Setting

By September 20, 2017Parkland Players

Today for our post we are sharing something for our fellow daycares out there! At Parkland Players we have a large range of age groups in our care and in the summer months, with summer camps sometimes those ages get mixed. It can be challenging to manage a group of children at such different developmental stages and with differing needs and interests.

So for our post today we are sharing (yet, another) wonderful article from the himama blog. This article discusses what to do in a care setting with mixed ages. We like this article because even if the age range of the children in your classroom is not drastic and maybe only a few years apart, the tips here are useful! This article might even be good for larger families with significant age gaps between their youngest and eldest children.

Give it a read here: https://www.himama.com/blog/caring-for-mixed-age-groups-in-early-childhood-education/?ref=newsletter09-17


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