Making Musical Instruments at Home

Does your child love music? Or maybe they just like crafts. No matter their interest, here ae some fun ways to make musical instruments at home.

For Drums:

  • Take any cylindrical shaped container.
  • Cover the opening with fabric and put an elastic band around it.
  • If it is a container that is not needed for any other purposes, allow your child have some fun decorating it with paint, marker, crayons or collage materials.
  • Give them some wooden spoons and let them play!

For Shakers:

  • Use film containers, water bottles or plastic eggs
  • Experiment with different sounds by putting different materials inside the container of choice (ex. Dry beans, macaroni, rice, buttons, craft beads, etc.)
  • Tape the container shut in the appropriate manner depending on the container
  • Let them shake away!

Source: Petersen, Sandra H., and Donna S. Wittmer. Infant and Toddler Curriculum, 2nd Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions, 2012. VitalBook file.



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