Low Maintenance Indoor Activities

By August 25, 2015Parkland Players

The new school year is approaching and with it comes fall, colder weather and more time indoors! Here is a list of some fun activities that aren’t costly or complicated to keep children busy on snowy or rainy days:

  • Roll out butcher paper for drawing sessions on the floor. Children can make their own scenery on which to play with action figures, trains, lego and other toys.
  • Put a bar of soap in the microwave and make a soap cloud for a great sensory activity
  • On a snow day, fill a bin with snow and let children paint it
  • Burlap (can be obtained from a gardening centre) can be used for age 4 appropriate sewing. This activity can be great for developing fine motor skills. (Shown in picture above)
  • Cut a pool noodle in half to make a race track for marbles
  • Pencil erasers and a marble can make a fun miniature bowling game. This activity can be good for hand eye coordination.
  • Play balloon ping-pong by blowing up a balloon, and taping popsicle sticks to two paper plates.


For more detail on how to carry out these activites, images, and more activities like these visit (source): http://www.buzzfeed.com/mikespohr/37-activities-under-10-that-will-keep-your-kids-busy-all-win?sub=3550446_4519458#.leWvw6WO3


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