Parkland Players Locations

Parkland Elementary School

Located at: 1563 Regan Ave, Coquitlam

Parkland Players was established in 1995 to fill a community need for quality daycare and education. Our child care centers have been founded on the philosophy that children, their families and the community benefit from high quality Early Childhood Programs. We strive to allow each child to openly explore their individual interests through a variety of programs. Over the years, we have been active members of our Coquitlam Community by taking part in various community events.

Meadowbrook Elementary School

Located at: 900 Sharpe St. Coquitlam

Parkland Players prides itself in being one of the earliest Daycares to provide Reggio-inspired approaches in the Tri-cities, and is also unique in being a part of a school that offers the same approach to education, Meadowbrook Elementary School.

Programs Offered:

We hope to expand our facility at this location to help provide the community need for programs such as Infant & Toddler, and Group Daycare in upcoming years.


Before & After
School Care


& Toddler



To register call: 604.670.8830 or CLICK HERE