IQ vs EQ: Why Emotional Learning is Important

Today we are sharing an article form “Today’s Parent” about IQ and EQ. For those that don’t know, IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, and in this context can be understand and the traditional understanding of academic learning. EQ stands for Emotional Intelligence Quotient, and refers to a child’s emotional skillset. Emotional intelligence is important for internal things like self-regulation, understanding how you are feeling and how to deal with your own emotions, but it is also important for social skills. Throughout our educational lives, there should be a push to focus on EQ just as much, if not more than academic abilities.

Social-emotional skills are not innate, they are learned, and so it is our job as parents and teachers to help children develop their EQ’s in order to become confident, socially competent, empathetic, and emotionally healthy human beings.

For the full article on IQ and EQ go here: IQ vs EQ


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