How Yoga Can Be Beneficial for Kids

If you’ve practiced yoga before you may know some of its benefits as an adult: it calms your mind, helps you release muscular tension, helps you develop balance and coordination, and maybe even helps you focus your attention. Now, many of these benefits, and others, can be applied to children when asked to practice yoga. Here is a synopsis of how what yoga for kids can do:

  • BRAIN BUILDING: exercise in general is great for cognitive development, and cognitive development is important for language, problem solving and learning skills.
  • REGULATING EMOTION: approximately a month ago we had a series of post discussing the important of self-regulation. Closely tied to the concept of self-regulation is that of emotional regulation. Yoga can be used as a tool to help calm a hyper child, release angry energy in a constructive way, and help focus a distracted or over-stimulated child.
  • GROSS AND FINE MOTOR SKILLS: gross and fine motor skills simply refer to the skills involved in using and moving your body. These skills are constantly developing during childhood, during things as simply as holding a pencil and learning to write (fine motor), as playing a game of soccer or basketball with friends (gross motor). Yoga can help with balance, coordination and control of movement.

So here are 3 poses suggested to be beneficial and fun for children:

  • The Horse Trott: this pose is more active, it involves children alternating high knees at difference paces, like they are trotting like a horse
  • The Worm Crawl: “Have your child start on their tummy and then come up on their hands and legs in an arched position just like a worm when it moves. Once they create an arch have your child bring their legs in close to their chest almost as if they are in a ball. Then have them work their way out to their tummy again and do the exercise multiples times across the room. It should be one continuous flow of movement just like a friendly earth worm.”
  • The Spider: have your child mimic the motion of the superhero spiderman when he is climbing walls. Children should be alternating the left and right side of their body (arms and legs) as they crawl across the floor).
  • For a video of these poses check out the link:




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