How Early Childhood Education STEM Challenges Can Also Be Staff Team Building Exercises

By August 22, 2018Parkland Players

At Parkland Players, we love a good STEM Challenge! It is a great way for children to build problem solving skills, integrate the learning areas of science; technology; engineering; and math, and to practice communicating with others.

So last night at our staff meeting, we decided to have some STEM fun of our own! We used this activity:


  • Get into teams of approximately 5 people
  • Materials Needed:
    • Rubber bands
    • String
    • Cups
    • Scissors
  • Procedures/Strategies:
    • First, build the contraptions for moving the cups. Tie lengths of string (5 or 6) around a rubber band like the image above.
    • Next, work in groups and try to lift cups using this contraption, with each person holding one of the string extensions, and build a pyramid.
    • You are NOT allowed to touch the cups with your hands, only with the tool for picking the cups up.
    • The pyramid should have 3 cups on the bottom, then 2, then 1 on the top, like the diagram above.
    • First team to build their pyramid wins
  • Source:

Although the activity was meant for kids, our staff had a blast! The activity really showed where our staff succeeded in communicating with each other, and where there could be some room for improvement. The only thing we could have done differently, was maybe make a bigger pyramid, as our activity was finished pretty quickly.

So at your next staff event, consider giving STEM a try!


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