Healthy Holiday Snacks

By December 19, 2016Parkland Players

With the holiday season comes a lot of time with family and friends…and a lot of time eating food that maybe is not so great for us. So in order to balance some of the not so healthy eating that may be happening over the holidays, here are some healthy, and fun, holiday recipes for the kids.

  1. Cucumber Christmas Tree: This one is easy and looks so cute! Just cut a cucumber into slices, slightly on a diagonal and then press them into a skewer to make a tree. Add peppers of various colours on top of the cucumbers for “decorations”
  2. The Grinch Fruit Kabobs: skewer a grape, banana slice, and strawberry (in that order) to make a Grinch wearing a Christmas hat.
  3. Pita Tree Snacks: cut pita into triangles; spread them with hummus or a guacamole or a spread of your choosing. Use peppers to add decoration and some healthy veggies!
  4. Snowman Cheese Strings: these are just fun for packing a lunch. Take a white cheese string, tie a ribbon around it for a scarf and tape a black paper hate to the top. Draw a face and buttons with marker on the plastic.
  5. Cracker Snacks: these ones are really easy and open to whatever you want to create! Let the kids help for some fun. Put out cucumbers, olives, capers, peppers and tomatoes, create different shapes and patterns on the crackers that match the holidays like Rudolph with a tomato nose, a snowman with black olive eyes, or a cucumber Christmas tree.

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