Handprint and Footprint Lobster

Keeping with our theme of Under the Sea, this art idea is a great way for kids to play, and for you to keep a fun memory that preserves their age.



  • Modge Podge
  • Wide and narrow paint brushes
  • Paint cups
  • Water cup
  • Paint
  • Sandpaper for sand (optional)
  • Google eyes if desired
  • Artificial floral for seaweed and coral. (optional)
  • Canvas of desired size

10 Artwork protecting sealer spray



  • For the lobster, the footprint is the body of the lobster and the handprints are the claws
  • Paint the bottom of your child’s foot
  • Have your child step on their sea themed paper (hopefully the decorated it to create an underwater backdrop)
  • Clean their foot so you don’t make a mess!
  • Then paint their hands and allow them to handprint the paper near the heel of their footprint in two places
  • Paint small lines to connect the handprints (claws) and footprint (body)
  • Add lines for legs on both sides of the footprint
  • Glue or draw on eyes
  • Let dry
  • Save the memory!


Source: http://melissawalsh.hubpages.com/hub/hand-and-foot-print-sea-creatures


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