Fun Activities for the Snow

By December 12, 2016Parkland Players

Well, since it snowed again overnight in the Lower Mainland, we thought today we would share some fun activities for kids to do in the snow! This great list from includes:

  1. Snow Play with Sticks and Stones: this one is obviously a classic. Building a snowman often requires sticks and stones, or a carrot nose, but let kids get creative and have fun searching for those items to build the features of their snowman, or don’t even build a snowman at all! Use your sticks and stones for some other sculpture.
  2. Coloured Ice Sculptures: freeze some ice cubes in trays with various colours of food colouring. It is best if they are frozen the night before. Then on a nice cold, snowy day, gear up, take your ice cubes outside and bring a bottle of water. The liquid water will help the ice cubes stick together and you can build a sculpture in the snow! It will also be fun to watch it melt over time.
  3. Snow Sensory Bin Play: this one is pretty simply but still great, especially if you want to remain indoors. Collect some of that snow that has fallen outside into a bucket, throw some toys or miscellaneous items in throughout the snow and let children play.
  4. Painting the Snow: this one is our personal favourite, get some liquid water colour paints and paint brushes, and use the snow on the ground as your canvas! This can also be done indoors if the snow is put into a bucket.
  5. Potato Head Snowman: if you have the pieces for a Mr. Potato Head, then take them outside and use them to make miniature snowmen.
  6. Snowy Bird Feeders: this one is super fun and educational, check it out at: CBC Parents

For more snowy activities visit (source):


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