Fostering Creativity

At Parkland Players we value each child’s unique creative abilities. We strive to facilitate and encourage these abilities and to provide opportunities for children’s creativity to shine. Some of the strategies we use to form a creativity friendly environment include:

  • celebrating creativity and being a creative partner
  • providing time and space for creative expression through a variety of art activities
  • provide toys and materials conducive to creativity so that imaginative play can occur
  • provide a psychological climate conducive to creativity so that children are not shy or afraid to express themselves
  • pose problems that require creative solutions so that children are engaged in critical thinking
  • ask open-ended questions so children are forced to come up with unique answers
  • recognize, encourage, value and model creative thinking


Source: Petersen, Sandra H., and Donna S. Wittmer. Infant and Toddler Curriculum, 2nd Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions, 2012. VitalBook file.


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