Fine Motor Activities

Here are some great fine motor activities for developing pre-writing pencil grip skills…without forcing your child to write and do extensive worksheets.

  1. Sticker Station: peeling stickers off their backing can be a difficult task for little ones! Give them some stickers and let them play and practice this skill.
  2. Beading, Sewing and Threading Activities: see source at bottom for list of ideas…but in general, any beading threading and sewing activities are great for fine motor! They can also aid in cognitive development if you incorporate patterning and counting
  3. Play-Doh!: play-doh is great because it helps build strength in children’s hands but also promotes creativity
  4. Teeny Crafts: see source at bottom for a list of ideas..but in general, crafts that involve specific details, and gluing things like googly eyes can be good for fine motor
  5. Cutting: give your kid some safety scissors and paper and let them practice!
  6. Painting with Q-tips: this is greate because the small size of q-tips requires fine motor control
  7. And more!

Visit (source) for details on each category above and more options:


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