Easy and Fun Science Experiments

Here are some easy and fun science experiments that will impress your kids.

  1. Magic Pencil
    1. Collect a plastic baggie, a sharp pencil and water
    2. Fill the plastic bag 3/4ths full with water and seal it shut.
    3. Hold the bag up with one hand and put the pointy end of the pencil through with the other until it has punctured both sides of the bag
    4. The water won’t spill. Discuss with your child, why they thing that is.
  2. Lollipop Lab
    1. Sort lollipops into different flavour categories, place them together in water and watch what happens
  3. Cloud Experiment
    1. You will need shaving cream, a jar, water, and food colouring
    2. Fill the jar with water, put shaving cream with food colouring on top and see what happens
    3. See link at bottom for full instructions for this one
  4. Exploding Milk
    1. Mix milk, baking soda, vinegar
    2. This will cause a fizzy eruption that is tons of fun
  5. And more! Check out link at bottom!

Source: http://mom.me/style/23123-super-easy-and-cool-science-experiments-will-impress-your-kids/item/crystal-rainbow/


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