Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) for Early Childhood Education

By October 23, 2018Parkland Players

What is Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)

  • DAP is an approach to education that is meant to optimize early childhood growth and development
  • Goals of DAP include:
    • Educators seeing where children are
    • Educators meeting children at their developmental location
    • Educators supporting children in reaching their learning goals

Three Core Beliefs of DAP

  • Knowing about child development and learning: this means understanding what the important developmental milestones at different ages and stages are.
  • Knowing what is individually appropriate: this means paying attention to the children in our classes, their individual needs and development patterns
  • Knowing what is culturally important: this refers to getting to know the communities that we are a part of and care for and understand their cultural uniqueness.

DAP suggests that these three core beliefs should inform all educational programming in order to provide the best learning outcomes for children. Essentially, DAP requires us to be aware and engaged educators, who are responsive to children’s individual and group needs.

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