Colour Changing Flowers Experiment

This is a fun one for summer from gosciencegirls: colour changing flowers!


  • White flowers (in this example they used gerbera daisies)
  • Small vases
  • Water
  • Food colouring


  1. Fill a few small vases, cups or test tubes with water.
  2. Put a few drops food colouring (approximately 10) in each vase.
  3. Put a different colour in each. Leave one tube without colour for comparison.
  4. Trim the flowers at the bottom so they absorb the water.
  5. Put one flower in each tube and wait, after about a day the colours should change.
  6. If you leave them for a few days, the colours will become even more prominent.
  7. Talk about why and how you think the flowers changed colour



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