Childcare in the News: “Magic 8” Preschool Practices

By November 1, 2017Parkland Players

Today we are sharing an article about some recent research into early childhood education. Specifically, this study out of Vanderbilt examined current inefficiencies common among preschool programs and came up with a list of solutions for making early childhood education more effective and beneficial for both children and educators. Their so-called “Magic 8” suggestions are as follows:

  1. Reducing transition times
  2. Increasing the quality of instruction
  3. Creating a more positive emotional climate
  4. Teachers listening more to children
  5. Providing more sequential activities
  6. Fostering social learning
  7. Fostering higher levels of child involvement
  8. Creating more math opportunities

Now although some of these suggestions appear fairly straightforward and are practices that are often incorporated in preschool programs, it is interesting to see them validated as important to success in early childhood education programming.

For more details regarding the research visit the source site: Magic 8 Preschool Practices


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