Books for Inspiring an Interest in Science

By January 18, 2018Parkland Players

Today we are sharing this article from The Guardian about good reads (both fiction and non-fiction) to get kids thinking about science.
We like this list because it covers a variety of topics and sub-disciplines within science. The books in their list include:

  • “Dear Greenpeace” by Simon James: this is a wonderful read told through a series of letters a child writes to Greenpeace about her concerns for the whale living in her pond.
  • “A First Book of Nature” by Nicola Davies: this book is a good one for looking at nature through the lens of wonder and awe.
  • “Goodnight Spaceman” by Michelle Robinson: is a great non-fiction for fans of outer-space!
  • “Professor Astrocat’s Atomic Adventure” by Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman: as the title might suggest, this book is great for those kids with inclination towards physics.
  • “Utterly Amazing Human Body” by Robert Winston: you guessed it! This one is about the human body.
  • and more!

For more information on each book and other books that might be of interest to you check out the full article here: theguardianchildrensbooks.


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