BITAA: A Fresh Perspective for Early Childhood Education Program Planning

By October 15, 2018Parkland Players

Many educators and parents are familiar with this question: “What can I prepare for the children to do today”? For many educators and parents, this question arises because we want to provide the best variety of engaging and educational activities possible in order to support our children’s development. No matter how many years of experience you have working with or raising children, answering this question in a meaningful way can still be a struggle sometimes. And it is not as if there is a shortage of resources out there. On the contrary, it can appear as though there are too many ideas, resources, and activities for one person to process on a day to day basis.

Here is where Bitaa comes in. Bitaa is a system we have begun to utilize at Parkland Players. It offers a collection of hand-picked activities from a number of different educational resources for ages ranging from 0 to 12. The Activity Book covers a variety of developmental areas, and skills. Bitaa is also wonderful for a Reggio Emilia inspired centre like ours, because it keeps activities open-ended and leaves plenty of room for parents and educators to put their own twist on activity implementation.

Check out this article to see what Bitaa is all about: What Is Bitaa? Visit their website to learn more:


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