Benefits of Yoga for Kids

By September 19, 2016Parkland Players

Currently in our preschool program we are trying to introduce yoga as a specialized class. So, we thought we would discuss some of the benefits of yoga for children.

  1. Flexibility: yoga helps children development muscle strength and range of movement.
  2. Balance and Coordination: yoga helps children develop skills of balance and coordination which essential especially during their younger years when they are still learning fine motor and gross motor control.
  3. Focus and concentration: yoga contributes to children’s ability to focus on one task without being distracted
  4. Self-esteem and confidence: like learning any kind of skill, learning yoga can help children feel more confident in their abilities. This contributes to elevating their self-esteem, which they will carry with them into various tasks throughout daily and learning lives.
  5. Mind-body connection: this refers to the ability yoga has to calm the mind through the exercise of the body. It is extremely helpful for some of those busier children who may have trouble focusing throughout the day. It helps children center themselves and re-focus their energy in a positive way.

Of course, like anything, the benefits of yoga really depend on the individual child, their personality and their interest in the class. However, the above list are some reasons to give yoga a try!



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