Benefits of Photography in Early Childhood Education

By September 4, 2015Parkland Players

At parkland players we like to incorporate taking photos of children and their learning experiences. We send a lot of these photos in the form of reports to parents. The main goal of this is to keep parents informed about their child’s day to day learning and growth, but there are also a number of additional benefits to including photography in early childhood classrooms:

  • Photos can be motivating: When children expect to have pictures taken of their work they may experience more pride and personal connection to whatever activity is at hand. They will want to do a good job and show it off
  • Photos can fill parents in on milestones that they may miss: Between the ages 1 and 10 children go through a lot of rapid growth and emotional, cognitive and physical development. These changes can be evident in a number of milestones that may occur when parents are at work and children are at daycare. But with photos parents can still be able to view the milestones that they miss
  • Photos can build self-esteem: using photos to record children’s activity and work shows that you value their creativity
  • Photos can help identify interest areas: photos provide physical evidence of what activities were successful learning experiences and what activities children did not enjoy as much and provides a reference point for continual improvement of programs
  • Photos can document field trips: taking photos on field trips is a big thing we like to do at Parkland Players because it displays more of the nature-based environmental learning that we strive for at the centre. Photos of children exploring at the beach is one of many examples of this




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