All About Me in Numbers

By September 13, 2017Parkland Players

Today we are sharing a great activity for the first couple weeks of school when kids are learning about themselves and each other. This activity is also good for practicing mathematics and numeracy skills.


  • Large pieces of paper (chart paper or posters)
  • Pens, pencils, crayons, markers, etc.
  • Post-it notes


  1. Give each child a sheet of paper and 8 post-it notes.
  2. Instruct eac child to write the following questions on their large piece of paper, leaving large enough space for each of the post-its.
    1. My age
    2. My shoe size
    3. My birth month (as a number)
    4. My birthdate
    5. The number of people in my family
    6. The number of letters in my name
    7. The number of pets I own
    8. The number of sports games I’ve been to
    9. Or have them make their own questions that can be answered in numbers
  3. Next, each child should write the answer to each of those questions on THE BACK of their post-its (one answer per post-it).
  4. Lastly, each child has to make an equation that adds to the answer that they have written on the back of their post-9its. This can be modified for different age groups. Equations can be addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, include fractions/decimals, etc.
  5. Children are to then put their post-its, with the equation side out, on their poster. They may draw a self-portrait in the middle.
  6. Children can go around the room and test themselves using other people’s posters! And ask questions to each other to get to know one another better.




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