Adjusting to Kindergarten: How to Make the Process Easier

By August 25, 2015Parkland Players

Making the transition from preschool or daycare to Kindergarten can sometimes be difficult, especially for children who are very attached to their caregivers. Here are a few suggestions for making the transition easier if you are worried your child will have a rocky start:

  • Go over what the first day will be like with them: make sure your child knows how they will get to and from school, how long school will be and that the teacher is available to help them if they get concerned
  • Give your child a security item: if you like, you can place a small item of theirs that they favour in their backpack
  • Keep your own emotions in check: If you are nervous and you show this to your child they may feed off of this emotional response and in turn become nervous too. Keep calm and be reassuring so that your child feels comfortable
  • Be available the first few days: if you can’t physically be present for pick up and/or drop off, be sure to be available by phone
  • Avoid grilling your child about their day: if your child does not want to go into detail when you ask them how their day was and what they did, its okay, don’t push them too hard, wait for them to become more comfortable with their school setting
  • If your child does not want to attend school, stay the course




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