Activities to Reduce Screen Time

By November 24, 2015Parkland Players

In the previous post we discussed the effects of excessive TV watching on behaviour in children. In this post we have some suggestions for activities to reduce the time spent in front of the TV.

To reduce screen-time, you can…

  1. Listen to the radio
  2. Paint a picture, a mural or something else
  3. Read a book. Read a book to someone else
  4. Write a letter to a friend, a relative, or someone you idolize
  5. Bake sweats or cook dinner with the family
  6. Play cards or board games
  7. Do some home gardening or plant small pots
  8. Go for a nature walk or a picnic
  9. Do some stargazing
  10. Attend a community event
  11. Visit the library

Source: Unplug and Connect to Nature Initiative for the Tri-Cities and School District 43


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