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July 2017

BC Wildfires – How Parents and Caregivers Can Help Children

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Our post today is in support of those affected by BC Wildfires. Well wishes to the many communities and families across the province dealing with evacuations and displacements.

This is an article from the Red Cross (image above also taken from this source):


Jackson Pollock Inspired Art

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Jackson Pollock was an artist in the first half of the 20th century who was famous for his method of painting. He would place large canvases on the floor and drip paint on them and then swirl the paint around with sticks, mallets, paintbrushes, and even other tools like bricks and broken glass.

In our Summer Camps program we like to spend some art time looking at the work of famous artists and creating our own masterpieces inspired by those artists. Jackson Pollock’s method is a great art project for the summer because, its messy and therefore great to do outside! So here is how to make your own Jackson Pollock inspired creations at home this summer!

Materials Needed

  1. Paint
  2. Large piece of paper
  3. Sticks, paintbrushes, mallets, and other tools (pretty much anything goes, just keep safety in mind!)
  4. Smocks or old clothes


  1. First of all talk about Jackson Pollock and his artistic style. A quick search online will bring up a lot of information about how he painted and what his creations looked like.
  2. Then, head outside with a large piece of paper, paint and tools. Let children drip paint onto the canvas and paint like Jackson Pollock. If there are multiple children working on this activity have them all work on the same canvas, and make sure it is large enough for them all to have space.
  3. Note: you may need to weigh your canvas down with rocks if it is windy.
  4. Make sure they are wearing protective smocks or old clothes as this may get messy.

Step back and admire your work! Keep in mind that this art project is more about the process and less about the end result. Children typically really enjoy creating the art.


Image of Jackson Pollock source: (visit this link for more information on the painter)



Mommy Brain?

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Hope everyone is having a lovely start to the summer! Our Summer Camps and Pre-K programs have started this week and the weather has been so great, we are having a lot of fun and definitely taking advantage of this sunshine.

For our post today we are sharing an article about “Mommy Brain”. Has anyone felt like after having their children they are forgetful? Maybe you feel like your brain just isn’t firing as fast as it did before kids! The exhaustion, and stress and not to mention the hormones! Well, this article takes a look at “Mommy Brain” as an actual phenomenon and the scientific evidence to support its function.

Give a read here: