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April 2016

Featured Book: Geronimo Stilton

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This week we decided to feature a series of books great for a slightly older reader. The Geronimo Stilton series is great for readers between ages 6 and 12 depending on their reading skills. They are greatly adventurous and visually stimulating early reading novels.

Let your young reader give Geronimo Stilton a try. (author: Elisabetta Dami)

Check out the series website for cool resources and information at:


Healthy Snacks for Kids

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Sometimes picking the healthiest snacks for kids isn’t easy. The food they like isn’t the greatest for them but it is quick and easy to prepare, or maybe they are picky eaters and don’t like a lot of healthier options despite your efforts.

Here is a list of some healthy snacks for kids to spark ideas and encourage nutritious eating.

  • DIY Easy Lunchables: put some cheese, crackers, and lunchmeat in your child’s lunch in separate containers so they can put together cheese and crackers. Supplement with some fruit and vegetables
  • Hard Boiled Eggs with hummus and Salsa: sometimes eggs can be a tough sell, but if your child likes them, this is great because they are full of protein! Put some hummus and salsa in with some crackers to supplement.
  • DIY Pizza Using Bagels: pack a bagel, cheese, some pizza sauce and pepperonis in separate containers and let your child make a pizza bagel at lunch by assembling the pieces
  • And more! Check the link at the bottom for a bunch of awesome recipes



Activity Dice: Animal Actions

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This fun, yet simple activity is great for toddlers, especially those who are learning about, or are at a stage where they are fixated on animals.

This activity is a pair of dice. One has a list of animals, and one has a list of action words. Kids can roll the dice and do the actions associated with the animals. Its that easy and super fun! The link at the bottom has a free printable, but you could easily DIY your own animals and actions (here is a blank dice template:

Great for physical activity on an indoor day, check it out!



Reggio Emilia’s View of the Child: The Hundred Languages

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In the Reggio Emilia approach children are viewed as infinitely capable and natural learners. They are curious and able to direct their own learning in fundamental ways. They also display a great deal of diversity in their talents and intellectual expression. It is the role of the teacher to provide opportunities for children to express themselves in any of “the hundred languages” they possess.

Check out this video for a reading of Loris Malaguzzi’s (founder of Reggio Emilia Approach) poem on the subject of the Hundred Languages: